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S Supporting CSZ-SDC

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe- Software Development Community (CSZ -SDC) Foundation Sponsorship Program

The CSZ-SDC Sponsorship Program is the way that corporations and individuals can contribute substantially to the ongoing support of the Foundation.

In return, the SDC will officially acknowledge your donation via various methods appropriate to your sponsorship level, including your logo, links on the SDC support programs/ platforms, partnerships arrangements and acknowledgement in the Newsletters.

Sponsorship Levels

There are four sponsorship levels, defined by donation amount and in-return benefits of sponsorship. No more than 60 % of value can be based on in-kind services

  • Platinum     80-100% of the Program
  • Gold           60-79% of the Program
  • Silver          40-59% of the Program
  • Bronze       2-39% of the Program

Donations made to the Sponsorship Program shall be coordinated with the CSZ- SDC Public Relations and Fundraising team and the CSZ council  at Email

Why should I sponsor the CSZ SDC?

The CSZ - SDC provides support for the Zimbabwean Software community of open-source software, Software research, public I.T awareness / education and national conferences / Events (I.T). The SDC engagements are characterized by a collaborative (8 Universities, Entire Freelance community and organisations) on a consensus based process, open and pragmatic way to contribute to upgrade the software industry in Zimbabwe. We consider ourselves not simply a group of Software Developers and researchers, but rather a community of futuristic innovators.

By sponsoring the CSZ SDC you show your support for our mission and help sustain a vibrant organization. Sponsorship also shows your support for the Software industry in Zimbabwe and provides you the opportunity to "give back" to the community.

Where will my sponsorship funds go?

The CSZ- SDC comprises over 600 freelance software developers, over 7 universities across the country, and organizations collaborating to upgrade the Software industry and partnering Industries in Zimbabwe.

The SDC Scope of engagement shall include the following:

  • ·         Local and international Events/ Seminars/Conferences 
  • ·         Software development Research and awards
  • ·         Software development Projects and awards (students , entrepreneurs and professional recognition)
  • ·         Software development international engagement arrangements
  • ·         Public education campaigns
  • ·         Programming competitions
  • ·         Contributions to Software development policies that may help the industry.

Your sponsorship will allow the SDC to meet these expenses as well as expand our capability to maintain our leadership in the Software communities.

How do sponsorship renewals happen?

Your sponsorship will run for one year after the date of receipt of payment. For this period, we shall display your logo on our platforms and newsletters.

Two months before the end of your sponsorship, we will contact you (via the same mechanism as was used to arrange the initial sponsorship) requesting renewal. If renewal has not occurred by the renewal date of the sponsorship, the CSZ SDC may remove the sponsor's logo from the thanks page.

Can I just make a one-time donation?

The SDC appreciates donations of any size, if you are interested in donating to the CSZ-SDC at a different level, please send us an email

Thanks for your support!

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