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Online media discovery and buying platform

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If there is one mistake small businesses make more often than any other it's,


"Whatever is left over, we'll use for advertising."

Marketing and advertising is an investment, not an expense. I know it sure seems like an expense to me  but trust me it's not.

Without enough money put aside for advertising your sales can go down and you suddenly have less and less for promotion. Looking at the advertising space today  it  quite complex that choosing where to put your ad is very difficult and confusing especially for SME’s .Over and above it requires a lot of effort and money to run an advertising campaign with advertising agencies charging between 15 % to 50 % of the advertising budget

Mediabox is an online  trading platform that is aimed at democratizing information in the media Industry. This is achieved through listing of advertising spaces by publishers .Advertisers can directly discover ,plan, negotiate and buy advertising space through the platform .In that way we  connecting advertisers/media buyers and publishers/sellers. Ad publishers  include TV and radio, Websites owners, Email and SMS advertisers,   Print advertisers(magazines ,newspapers).Flier ,Postcard distributors ,Outdoor (billboards, street poles) etc .This will enable anyone with any budgets to discover cost effective ways of reaching their target audience

The platform  automates the manual process associated with planning ,negotiations and buying  of advertising space  . It replaces the selling process for publishers and Agents  which is manual, slow ,frustrating and expensive .This automation translates to significant benefits for both advertisers and publishers in the form of reduction in operation costs ,material efficiency gains ,convenience and time saving


How Publishers Benefit


The platform connects publishers   to advertisers from all over the Globe, this enables them to tap into the Global market a thing that will result in increased demand and ultimately increase in revenues. Advertisers can now advertise anyway any time with MediaBox without any hustles .All that a publishers is supposed to do is approve proposals .In that way the publisher can  free their sales teams to spend more time establishing high value relationships, whilst advertisers can access a market of known publishers, known price and known availability. Since media will now be traded through the platform it allows for easier tracking and reporting through automated analysis of advertising and consumer data    


How Advertisers Benefit


Advertisers benefit great deal from buying advertising space through the platform as orders and creative are submitted directly to publisher , no back and forth ,the process can now be done in a matter of minutes instead of weeks and months in some cases at the comfort of one’s workplace or home  The process of buying advertising space is now simplified to just 3 steps plan ,negotiate and buy  .All these just a click away .Some other extras include In platform messaging with publisher to adjust media schedules  etc .

Who are your very best customers? Aim your ads to talk directly to people like them. With Mediabox you can select the target audience you want to reach and publishers that match your criteria will be delivered right in front of you .Targeting is based on industry  ,income level  ,gender etc

 MediaBox also will give you updates on inventory on promotions across various mediums Magazines, eFliers, Newsletter , social platforms ,newspaper  ,cinema  etc.


Our mission is to democratize information in the Media Industry thus enabling any advertiser with any budget to discover cost effective ways of reaching their target audience


By Simbarashe Mukorera (Mediabox Founder, Developer and Article Author)



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