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A About SDC


CSZ SDC is a community of software engineers and academics from different areas of specialties interacting together through multiple activities primarily to address issues to enhance development through software development. The main purpose of the creation of the CSZ SDC is driven by 2015 plan of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe; to engage in new models and transform existing projects that promote ICT within Zimbabwe.


The aim is to develop the discipline of Software Development in Zimbabwe; to foster and promote the education, provide opportunities of the software savvy techno-preneurs in training and qualification of persons practicing or intending to practice within the software development discipline. This is in collaboration with institutions, organizations, the local industry and the international community.


Our vision is to create a collaborative and unified approach standing as a pillar of software development in Zimbabwe aiming to influence opportunities and positioning the profession.


  • Develop a collaborative environment and a unified discipline of Software Development / Research in Zimbabwe. 
  • Foster and promote the education, training and qualification of persons practicing or Extending to practice within the software development discipline in Zimbabwe. 
  • Promote proper conduct and set ethical standards for the discipline. 
  • Take a public position on matters of concern to the Software Development discipline and make submissions or advise bodies as appropriate. 
  • Advance the education of the public of Zimbabwe in relation to Software Development. 
  • Promote any other related activities that are, in the opinion of the SDC community, in the interests of the public or discipline. 
  • Help develop conceptual ideas into fruitful models 

A community of software developers with a common ground of developing world standard software for organisations.



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